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    Boggie's Reef

    Of the three reefs near Sea Breeze this is the most famous and the one everyone wants to dive. Our scuba guides and instructors know as much about Boggie's Reef as anyone.

    If you've never gone scuba diving but always wanted to, now's your chance to scour the briny deep and sea nature at her finest. It really is something to behold.

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    Donovan’s Reef

    Not as well known as Boggie's Reef but still well thought of by scuba enthusiasts. What sets this reef apart is the abundant wildlife that is always there.

    Donovan's Reef is the closest reef to the resort and the nearest to the main island. Just 1/4 mile off the coast lies this nested treasure and is where we take our first time students.

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    Lindy's REEF

    A true wonder is Lindy's Reef as it is the deepest coral reef at 15 fathoms.Because of  the depth the colors are muted and very different from what you usually see.

    Truly Lindy's Reef is something for the bucket list. It is a sight to behold and one I'm sure you'll remember, fondly.